Monday, January 14, 2008

Take a Break and go to YawpBox!

I enjoy a whole lot, probably more than I should. If I am not checking for old Van Halen music videos, then I am looking for tips on Internet Marketing, some new fangled contraption or just looking for some plain old funny videos.

Now I know that YouTube is not the only video website out there and there are more being added almost daily. Well, I found on that is a great site with an awesome concept that could make you a star!

YawpBox is a new user-generated video site that breaks gives you the topics to make a video for. For instance, there is a topic titled "Yawp Films: Reenact A Favorite Movie Scene & Show Us" and there are videos that make puns of films that are entirely too funny.

Now the real cool part of this site is they use the content for a weekly "magazine-style" TV show. So if you put two and two together, then yes you can be on TV if they use the video you place on YawpBox.

Also, there is a Challenge that is put out by the hosts of the show, Lex & Terry. They will give you a topic and challenge you to post videos pertaining to that topic and they will befeatured on YawpBoxTV! So post your videos now and I will see you on the tube!

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