Monday, January 14, 2008

Take a Break and go to YawpBox!

I enjoy a whole lot, probably more than I should. If I am not checking for old Van Halen music videos, then I am looking for tips on Internet Marketing, some new fangled contraption or just looking for some plain old funny videos.

Now I know that YouTube is not the only video website out there and there are more being added almost daily. Well, I found on that is a great site with an awesome concept that could make you a star!

YawpBox is a new user-generated video site that breaks gives you the topics to make a video for. For instance, there is a topic titled "Yawp Films: Reenact A Favorite Movie Scene & Show Us" and there are videos that make puns of films that are entirely too funny.

Now the real cool part of this site is they use the content for a weekly "magazine-style" TV show. So if you put two and two together, then yes you can be on TV if they use the video you place on YawpBox.

Also, there is a Challenge that is put out by the hosts of the show, Lex & Terry. They will give you a topic and challenge you to post videos pertaining to that topic and they will befeatured on YawpBoxTV! So post your videos now and I will see you on the tube!

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Concept for Making Money Online

Hey Everyone,

A Must Read!

I just got done reading an e-book that is almost truly revolutionary in its thinking. It is called the 5 Bucks a Day Jr. I do not think it is brand new, but it is not very old either.

What is so revolutionary about this e-book is not that it shows you step by step how to do something, but it gives you a new concept to go by that will probably help any Internet marketer out there.

And the great thing is it is only $7.77! What a bargain for such an informative e-book. So check out 5 Bucks a Day Jr. today and start 2008 out with a bang.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hail to the Victors!

Happy New Year Everyone!

And what better way to start 2008 then by my beloved Michigan Wolverines winning the Capital One Bowl in Orlando, FL.

Not only did the Senior class finally win a Bowl game, but they also made Coach Lloyd Carr's last game as Coach a winning one. It also brings to front what a great team they had and that without injuries in the last part of the season, they may have fared much better. Congrats also to the Florida Gators who put up a great fight and made for an awesome game.

Today also marks a new milestone for Michigan football fans as new Coach Rich Rodriguez takes over the helm and starts to put together his coaching staff. This will certainly be a different team next year as Coach Rodriguez runs a spread type offense, something totally different than the three yards and a cloud of dust Michigan fans are used to. But believe me it will put Michigan Football at the top again for sure.

So congrats to Lloyd Carr and his seniors and welcome to Coach Rodriguez.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Watch Out Google!

It seems lately that Google isn't making too many friends as they slap everyone around that does not seem to go along as their little puppies. While you may use Google AdSense and/or AdWords, if you fall off the track and try some other way to generate income for your site or blog, they knock you down to nothing and take away any life you may have made with page rank and you have to start over.

Well, there is a company that has entered the text-based advertising arena and may give Google a run for their money....someday! The company is called Adknowledge and is located at on your Internet dial.

They are offering the same type of text based advertising that Google and Yahoo have, but I think it is a little more pleasing to the eye than the average Google and Yahoo text ad. So that is a plus.

Once you sign up, they take you step by step through the system to get your campaign kicked off in the correct way. You will have your listing up in minutes and with over 1500 category listing, you are sure to get targeted advertising where you need it.

Also, right now they are offering $50 in FREE PPC Advertising if you sign up now with a new account. That, I would believe, would give you a good indication if the they are going to be worthwhile to use or not. So give them a look today and give them a try.

Till next time.....

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Try Elance Today!

I wanted to introduce everyone to Elance.

Elance is like a portal for everything that needs to be done on the web. From programming flash and designing websites to writing articles, doing blog entries and writing E-Books.

You can join to either buy these services or you can join to sell these services. There are some great deals that can be make on Elance, so check it out today and see if you can use their services.

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Free iPod Nano Give Away!

Trusted Tours and Attractions is giving away a free iPod! All you have to do is sign up for their Trusted Travel eNewsletter and you are automatically entered in the drawing for a new iPod Nano!

Trusted Tours and Attractions offers tours in major cities in the United States. The cities include Boston, Chicago, Charleston, Orlando, San Diego, New York City and my favorite Niagara Falls , plus many others.

I took my family to Niagara Falls a few years back in late March and the park was not officially open when we arrived at about seven in the morning. We were anxious to see one of the great wonders of the world and we were not disappointed.

As you can imagine it was still a little chilly in late March, but I would recommend this time of year especially if you have been there already during the summer. Why, you ask? Well, the ice formations made by the mist of the falls is just spectacular! They are so beautiful and breathtaking you can only see for yourself just how amazing they are.

I am sure that we will be heading back someday as when we were last there they had not finished the new observatory yet. For those of you that don't know what that is, it is a walkway that is suspended over the middle of the river for spectacular and one of a kind views of the falls.

I am sure that we will use the Trusted Travel eNewsletter to keep us updated on any great tours that become available for Niagara Falls and other attractions too!

Till next time.....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You Have to Checkout WidgetBucks

I am pretty sure you have seen these ads(see below) around the Internet by now. It is a new kind of ad by WidgetBucks that shows an ad for a product with price and a little description in a very nice looking presentation.

WidgetBucks not only pays you for each click that get, but now they pay you CPM for your International visitors. This could add tons to your income if you have a lot on foreign traffic.

An example of the ad is in the sidebar and a link to their site is below, so check it out TODAY!

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

An Awesome Resource for Web Workers

I received an E-mail from Amy Quinn about an article at that she said may interest my readers.

So I went to the website and was amazed at what was there. It is a list of 100 plus resources that web workers can use to make their job even easier.

The following excerpt sums up the article and contents pretty good.

Web workers have a unique advantage over traditional workers: the ability
to rely on the Internet to get the job done. Whether you're a blogger, a
Webdesigner or even a photographer, you're sure to find useful tools
included in these resource collections. Read on to get access to our
directory of cool tools.

So visit and see for yourself. If you do any work at all on the web, then this is a priceless resource for you.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Two New Money Makers

I am always searching for new and fresh ideas to make money on the Internet. Lately I have found two that are very nice products that will add some income.

The Home Business System (above) shows you a free presentation of their opportunity. You should look at it and decide for yourself. Get a free magazine just for watching it!

Google Profit Biz (below) gives you a FREE CD that shows you on how to make up to $500 or more a day with Google Adsense.

So check them out today and make some money!

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Meet Mr SEO

While I was cruising the web today, I found a site that every blogger should bookmark and visit often if they want to be at the top of their game.

Mr SEO is a company that is, of course, in the Search Engine Optimization business and will fix you up at for the right price. But there are other items at their site that are free and very useful.

First is the free directory list and second is the forum. So visit Mr SEO today and get your blog to the top!

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Huge Contest at

As a kid, each and every Christmas was a joyful time when it came to opening presents until you got to the dreaded sock present. Yes, you always need socks, but not for Christmas! I would hate to be the elf that is stuck making socks while every other elf is making mp3 players and GPS units.

So do things change when you grow up. Not really. I have six or seven slightly unused bottles of cologne sitting on my dresser, wait for others to join them I am sure. So how do you get out of this repetitive cycle of "Gee,thanks, it is just what I needed." NOT!

Well I will tell you. If you go to right now they are running a All I want for Christmas Giveaway contest with registration between December 3rd and 7th and you are allowed to enter once a day. You get to pick the gift you want for Christmas and if you get it if you win! is also letting you send out invites to friends or family and if you win they win too.

So what would I want to win? Check out this awesome Canon EOS Rebel Digital camera that I picked out.

Who would you send your invites to? I would send them to My wife, my Parents and my In-Laws. That should keep everyone happy!

Well good luck and I hope you win the gift of your dreams!

Till next time.....

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Awesome New Socializing Network That Pays!

RFN: The Global Friendship Network - Get Paid To Socialize!

I have just discovered a new social network that pays YOU! But in a way unlike any other social network out there now.

The Rotatrix Friends Network is now in 'beta testing' and promises to make 'Internet History' as the least expensive, most profitable, team building system and community on the Internet today.

There are under 8000 members right now and that means you can get on the ground floor of this amazing concept.

The RFN pays you to be a member, pays you to get placed in a forced matrix were your participation on the site places you higher or lower in the matrix and they allow you to put your own ads on to get money from that.

So Check it out today and join the revolutionary Rotatrix Friends Network!

RFN: The Global Friendship Network - Get Paid To Socialize!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Garage

You all have probably seen the commercial where the family is so grateful for their Dad's help that he gives them with various projects, they decide to deck out his garage for his Christmas present.

Well while Christmas shopping today I came across a website that sells tool cabinets and tool boxes that put the tool boxes in that commercial to shame! has every imaginable type of boxes available including portable ones and ones that can be built in to the garage.

So check their website out today and have a blast building your dream garage!

Till next time.....

Proxy Sites Revisited

A few posts ago, I talked about proxy sites and the prospect of starting one or even a network.

After doing some research I have decided that I will do a couple proxy sites and depending on how they do, I will add more.

If you do not know what a proxy site is, they are sites that allow computer users to bypass firewalls or blocked sites on computers at schools, libraries, work etc. Most of these sites are free to use.

So why do them you ask? Well, in each site you carefully place your Adsense code and what I have found is that, on average, these proxy sites make about $1 - $2 a day. Not a killing, but enough to make it worth while if you had 10 or 20 of them.

Once I get them set up, I will layout what I did and how I did it.

Till next time.....

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Payday Loans: Good or Bad?

I don't know what you all think about Payday loans, but with the number of payday loan companies and stores around, there must obviously be a need for the service.

With recent legislation by states to control fees and term lengths, consumers have some protection from the bad places.

There is an online place that issues Payday loans that even offers a calculator to help you with the decision of taking out one of these short term loans. If one is taken out, all of the transactions go in your checking account for the deposit and out of it for payments on terms that both parties come to agree on.

So use this service wisely as the fees and balances can get large quickly!

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