Monday, December 03, 2007

Huge Contest at

As a kid, each and every Christmas was a joyful time when it came to opening presents until you got to the dreaded sock present. Yes, you always need socks, but not for Christmas! I would hate to be the elf that is stuck making socks while every other elf is making mp3 players and GPS units.

So do things change when you grow up. Not really. I have six or seven slightly unused bottles of cologne sitting on my dresser, wait for others to join them I am sure. So how do you get out of this repetitive cycle of "Gee,thanks, it is just what I needed." NOT!

Well I will tell you. If you go to right now they are running a All I want for Christmas Giveaway contest with registration between December 3rd and 7th and you are allowed to enter once a day. You get to pick the gift you want for Christmas and if you get it if you win! is also letting you send out invites to friends or family and if you win they win too.

So what would I want to win? Check out this awesome Canon EOS Rebel Digital camera that I picked out.

Who would you send your invites to? I would send them to My wife, my Parents and my In-Laws. That should keep everyone happy!

Well good luck and I hope you win the gift of your dreams!

Till next time.....

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Anonymous said...

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