Saturday, December 15, 2007

Watch Out Google!

It seems lately that Google isn't making too many friends as they slap everyone around that does not seem to go along as their little puppies. While you may use Google AdSense and/or AdWords, if you fall off the track and try some other way to generate income for your site or blog, they knock you down to nothing and take away any life you may have made with page rank and you have to start over.

Well, there is a company that has entered the text-based advertising arena and may give Google a run for their money....someday! The company is called Adknowledge and is located at on your Internet dial.

They are offering the same type of text based advertising that Google and Yahoo have, but I think it is a little more pleasing to the eye than the average Google and Yahoo text ad. So that is a plus.

Once you sign up, they take you step by step through the system to get your campaign kicked off in the correct way. You will have your listing up in minutes and with over 1500 category listing, you are sure to get targeted advertising where you need it.

Also, right now they are offering $50 in FREE PPC Advertising if you sign up now with a new account. That, I would believe, would give you a good indication if the they are going to be worthwhile to use or not. So give them a look today and give them a try.

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Melbel said...

Be careful with ads from multiple publishers. You can get banned from Google for it.

Scott said...

Thanks for the advice. I believe that I am within Googles rules as I only have their prints ads and nobody elses like that.

Keep on bloggin!